Christmas gone, New Year begins

Hey Friends!

What happened this year? i recieved 2 Daily Deviations, got my a-level and started to work in a school for handicapped children. Things happened that i couldn't EVER imagine and i had funny shootings with new and old models. i hope that 2011 will be at least half awesome as 2010 was. :heart: I can't wait to make new experiences, improve with photography and maybe start to study <3

So raise your glass if you are wrong,
in all the right ways,
all my underdogs,
we will never be never be anything but loud
and nitty gritty dirty little freaks 

(yeah just copied this from my deviantART-account )


Melmo at: 28. Dezember 2010 um 19:08 hat gesagt…

Ich drück dir die Daumen, dass dein nächstes Jahr genauso toll wird :)

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