Lonely me, Lonely you.


Where you used to be, there is a hole in the world, which I find myself constantly walking around in the daytime, and falling in at night. I miss you like hell.


 Thanks to my lovely friend Linda (alias blackfantastix) for this wonderful day <3 i enjoyed hanging around with you, honeeeey :D 

And for the rest of you i leave this wonderful shooting-outtake :)



VOG at: 6. Februar 2011 um 10:30 hat gesagt…

love you're photos and you're models are very cute ^_^

daghoul at: 6. Februar 2011 um 10:49 hat gesagt…

Linda has the cutest of smiles!! makes me wonder why we dont see her do that more often! :D

- Nightrose64 (Alan)

William F. DeVault at: 6. Februar 2011 um 10:55 hat gesagt…

Yes, Linda's smile is so sweet and innocent. I think that is part of her appeal when you look overall at her portfolio. Great model, and it takes a great photographer to capture the best from her, like you.

Lu at: 6. Februar 2011 um 15:25 hat gesagt…

die fotos sind wunderschön, wie deine fotos halt sind:)
und linda hat so eine tolle austrahlung. sie kommt mir so einzigartig rüber. ich bin sicher das ist sie auch:p

Michaela Spodniakova at: 10. Februar 2011 um 12:38 hat gesagt…

great as always :)

Whoop it up! at: 12. Februar 2011 um 07:50 hat gesagt…

tolle Bilder (:

xx, nati&tany


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