Jessie paint your pictures 'bout how it's gonna be 

by now I should know better your dreams are never free 
but tell me all about our little trailer by the sea 

Jessie you can always sell any dream to me 

oh Jessie you can always sell any dream to me

Model: Jessi W.
Equipment: Canon EOS 5D MKII, 50mm 1.4 


Krevez at: 4. Februar 2012 um 20:48 hat gesagt…

this is amazing.

i have a question (and could you email me as a reply)

how do you get the lighting set up that way?

ed pereira at: 5. Februar 2012 um 01:58 hat gesagt…

You are amazing, you're style is so unique and inspirational! Thank you!

Anonym at: 5. Februar 2012 um 17:53 hat gesagt…


Nora at: 6. Februar 2012 um 11:49 hat gesagt…

Lange nichts mehr von dir gesehen und gelesen ... *Freu* Ein Post von dir! Mag deine Bilder !!!!! LG Nora

Madline at: 10. Februar 2012 um 00:34 hat gesagt…


Josi at: 20. März 2012 um 20:43 hat gesagt…

what a great blog with such great photos! i also love your header. :)

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